Has Been Defeated

by Foxwarren

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Patrick Book
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Patrick Book Everything Andy Shauf touches turns to gold. This is a lovely, understated collection of rock-based songs, textured and sophisticated. A great introduction to some other Regina songwriters as well. Favorite track: Your Small Town.
Tyler Bancroft
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Tyler Bancroft I wish I wrote every single song on this album.
Aidan Knight
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Aidan Knight I'm not sure how many more records these guys will put out, but I'm thankful for this one. Diverse in the best way. Favorite track: Your Small Town.
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released January 16, 2011

Foxwarren is:
Avery Kissick
Dallas Bryson
Andy Shauf
Darryl Kissick

Guests on the record:
Echo Fettes - Violin
Ila Weanus - Trumpet
Dave Bushko - Pedal Steel

The album was recorded by Foxwarren. It was mixed and mastered by Andy and Avery.

Album artwork by Meghan Fenske.



all rights reserved


Foxwarren regina, Saskatchewan

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Track Name: Retreated
“God damn you all,” I used to say. “I’ve outgrown you, there’s nothing to make me stay.” I was naïve, I was spiteful, and I retreated. Now I just want back everything that has been defeated.
Track Name: Leave but Stay the Same
Selfish thoughts lead to empty gain, which direct my goals. Ambitions born from the privileged view that we deserve what we hold. How loudly can we all complain; pretend that we care? Reproach your town and leave but stay the same…. We just criticize and divert the blame. In a few more years, we won’t feel so lost. In a few more years, we’ll look back in awe of how we broke down, how we fell apart… but built ourselves again, how we evolved.
Track Name: Car Wreck
I heard about the car wreck, you never survived it. I didn’t know how to react. I pretended that it hadn’t happened. I heard about the car wreck, how it wasn’t an accident. What could we do but pay our respects and hope we never feel so helpless. You likely never knew that we all feel the same at times. You likely never knew that we all dream of death some nights.
Track Name: Your Small Town
Grow old when you are gone. Here I’ll hold you still. If you’re gonna leave, then leave me be. I am your small town-- breathing down your neck, reaching for a helping hand. If you’re gonna leave, then leave me be.
Track Name: A Way Out
We walked around this town, you said you were getting out. You talked about leaving us all behind. I was jealous and I regretted that I had nothing that could elevate me to your level. Now I’m always looking for a way out. Now I’m always yearning for a chance to push you down, to pull myself up, for fear of being second best.
Track Name: Generation
Every empty road that you drive down, every rusted shed that’s been cleared out-- they just fill your mind with regret, because what they gave isn’t what you were promised. They can’t say you never tried. A generation of dreamers grow to feel like failures.
Track Name: Defeated
Maybe when the sun shone on my pale skin, or maybe when the distance let me catch my breath… something in my heart was defeated. The battle of my bitterness seemed to slip away. Maybe I was wrong but I’m better for it. The product of this simple town and her open skies. Something in my heart has been defeated, oh battle of my bitterness-- slip away.